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Step 1: Sign The Pledge

Simply by signing the pledge $1 will be donated for every signature.


Your pledge is a commitment to:

  • Praying for those in foster care and those trapped in human trafficking.
  • Supporting through my time and resources to serve the need.
  • Speaking up for children and those being trafficked.
  • Inviting family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to #StandForThe1.

Step 2: Share It

Use the hashtag: #StandForThe1 to show family, friends, church, neighbors, etc that you're all in!

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Every signature, every tweet, post, or share, will bring us that much closer to our goal of serving and protecting the vulnerable in Tampa Bay and beyond!


Step 3: Watch Rise Up

Want to watch the event again with friends? You can do that!

The team at NOMORE will provide you with all that you need to help friends and family step into care and #StandForThe1. Click the button below and we will contact you with more details.


In a world bombarded with constant information, constant distractions, it's easy to lose sight of the individuals. You know about the atrocity that is human trafficking, but do you know Amber, the runaway who thought her boyfriend loved her but is now using her body to score his next high? Foster care and human trafficking can be two sides of the same coin. Watch the short video below and lets #StandForThe1.

Join The 0 Others & Stand For The 1


Share the movement with your friends & family


RISE UP is a virtual event to invite you into partnership with NOMORE. Please invite your friends & family, and join us for an amazing time of gratitude for all God has done and vision for where He is leading us next!

The church is needed more than ever. YOU are needed more than ever. With over 400,000 children in foster care and millions being trafficked, the church must RISE UP and declare NOMORE, not on our watch. Together we will #StandForThe1

The NOMORE Foundation is a registered 501c3. EIN 27-4496453