You can help solve Tampa Bay’s human trafficking crisis

From Rescue to Restoration

Bring light into the darkest places


Tampa Bay consistently ranks high in reports of trafficking


The average age of women entering the trafficking world is 12 years old


152 women were turned away in the last twelve months due to a lack of capacity

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute”  Proverbs 31:8

It’s time for us to say NOMORE. Tampa Bay consistently ranks as one of the top spots for human trafficking. With so many being exploited, when one is rescued there is a waiting list to enter into a program to receive help. Collaborating with community experts, NOMORE has developed a plan to add capacity to transitional housing through our partners on the ground, allowing for more victims to be rescued. We want to see Tampa Bay removed from the top spots list and ensure that victims become survivors and thrivers.

The numbers bother you. The thought of a young woman suffering in this darkness breaks your heart. You have heard about the problem, and you want to make a difference, but don’t know how. Whether you volunteer, educate, or donate, we can help you find a place to serve someone in need. We have strategically pulled in rescue experts and front line transitional ministries to create a plan to solve the problem. It’s going to take prayer, the Church, and like minded businesses working together. From rescue to restoration, we have the opportunity to shine the light of Christ into the darkest corners of Tampa Bay. Together we declare NOMORE Slavery!


Our team has served survivors for over 20 years


Over 10,000 lives impacted through education, transitional homes, and rescue


Thousands of hours volunteered to serve victims of human trafficking

"Our women realize they are not forgotten, and that there are good people in our community who want to help them." - Jillian, Executive Director- Safe House

"People are waking up to the problem, and it is so encouraging to see No More taking the lead." - Steve, Business Owner

"Giving Christians a way to serve in this space is a game changer - throwing a Christmas party, workday projects, or stocking clothes and food pantries - all make a huge difference." - Matt, Lead Pastor

"Human trafficking has been hidden in plain sight for many years in Tampa Bay. With the help of NOMORE,   IAHTI, community partners, law enforcement and the faith community we are going to uncover this scourge and win this war." - Jeremy Lewis, Founder and President International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators 



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host a training

If you have access to a group of youth, teachers, pastors, or healthcare workers, we would love to bring our experts and education presentation to you.


Rescue, transition programs, serve days and capacity building are all in need of support.

How do we do it? 
Under the guidance of Dotti Groover-Skipper, a recognized leader in the anti-trafficking space, we are focusing on 4 key areas: Education, Capacity Building, Outreach and Rescue.


Education - Many people aren’t aware of the trafficking issue in Tampa Bay. Even if they know about it, they don’t know what to do about it. We have developed a short training session filled with information, solutions and conversation around the topic. We make your group aware of what is going on, and share how you can help, without putting yourself in danger. 


Capacity Building - 152 women were turned away from transitions programs in the last 12 months due to a lack of available beds. That’s a travesty. We are working with local, front line ministries, to raise funding to add beds and staff to have more than enough for women wanting to get off the streets.


Outreach - Each quarter we gather volunteers to show Christ’s love to women who are either transitioning or still in the clubs and massage parlors. From delivering Roses with a note that God loves them, to throwing Christmas parties, improving living quarters and stocking food closets, we let them know that they are not forgotten and they have infinite value in the Creator’s eyes.


Rescue - Working with local law enforcement and former FBI agents, we raise support to locate and rescue women from trafficking. We leave this work to the professionals, but our support allows them to bring more women into the transition programs, and get them the help they need.