Uncertainly. Isolation. How long is this feeling of disconnectedness going to last? no, we're not talking about the covid-19 crisis. these are the thoughts and feelings experienced every day by thousands of children in our foster care system. did you know that on average a child remains in the fostercare system for 24 months? Some shorter, some much longer. That is two years!!! Can you imagine our current situation lasting that long? What would you do? How would you handle it? Now imagine you are a child.
NOMORE exists to connect you to care for the least of these. That is why in honor of National Foster
Care Awareness Month we are launching a special campaign: #24forfostercare. You can be a part of the
solution for these sweet children caught up in these challenging situations! And it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dedicate 24 minutes. Sometime in the month of May, we are asking you to take a walk, run, bike ride, swim, tricycle race, meditation time, paint a picture,…whatever, just take 24 minutes to reflect on these innocent children facing such difficult times. Get your family, kids, friends, church, everyone involved. This is a “social distancing approved” situation. We only ask that you wear blue, if possible. (Blue is the official color of Foster Care Awareness Month.)


Give $24. This money goes to support our efforts to care for children in the foster care system and the families that serve them. Everyone that gives a minimum of $24 (per person) will get a #24forfostercare t-shirt by clicking the button below.


Invite 24 people to join. Simply post pictures of your activity on social media using #24forfostercare, wearing your blue shirt and encourage others to join in. We need to make people take notice of these forgotten children and  share how we can help.

Please consider joining this easy 3-step movement! We know that this time will move your heart, move your body, move your friends, and move children one step closer to the love and support they need.

Together we can do this!