Our Call to Foster Care

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Written by Jessica Johnston

My husband and I have always had the tug on our hearts to become foster parents, after all these are God’s kids. Our journey started three years ago when we attended a NOMORE Orphans Experience. Seeing the numbers firsthand and hearing testimonies shook us deeply. It was made clear as followers of Christ we all MUST do something and that night our calling was confirmed. 

We began doing research, speaking to other foster families and preparing our hearts. In the beginning of 2019, we started our classes to become licensed foster parents. After our classes were complete, but before we were officially licensed, we received a call. There was a boy. My heart ached. We quickly completed our home study and prepared to meet our son. One thing that was clear is that the enemy did not want us loving these kids. Our home, finances and vehicle were attacked. But God is so good, he showed up in incredible ways. In March of 2019 we met our son. 

T was living in a group home at the time about 45 minutes from our home. Understandably he wished to finish the academic year at his current school. From March through May we picked him up on Friday nights to stay with us and took him back on Sunday for school the next week. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. The emptiness I felt sitting in that group home is something I will never forget. It changed me. May 31st could not come soon enough! 

T has now been a part of our family for almost a year. He is the definition of Grace. T amazes me every day and is a steadfast reminder of our Father’s unwavering love. In the past year he has excelled at a new school while keeping high honor roll and was chosen to perform at Disney World with his choir. On top of that, the most incredible choice this young man has made was to accept Christ into his heart as his savior. 

We are now on the road to adoption. Can you imagine how different this story would end if we let the enemy’s attempts stop us? I’m so thankful for organizations like NOMORE for helping us connect to our son.

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