How Can I Help? 24 Ways to get involved in Foster Care.

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Written by Cortney De La Rosa

I’ve always had a broken heart for orphans but never really thought I was equipped to do anything about it. I walked around with this stirring in my heart for years but mostly ignored the nudge to take any action. After all, I work full time, have 3 young children, my husband has a busy career that keeps him traveling much of the year– what could I really do anyway? This was my stance until one day, it became clear to me. I was listening to a sermon about God’s will for our lives and I realized this truth. Yes, God has a unique plan for each one of us but there are some things that are written into God’s will for each and every one of us without question– we are to care for the least of these; the sick, the homeless, the widow, the orphan, the most vulnerable among us. If there is a need and we’re able to fill it, we are to do so.  Within days of coming to this conclusion, I saw that NOMORE had a need and guess what?! I knew I was equipped to fill it and so I did just that! 

While the desire of my heart is to care for some of these precious children in my home one day, currently, in this season, I’m choosing to walk through the door God has opened for me to do His work — and this is by serving with NOMORE. 

Life is made up of different and changing seasons for all of us. We’re not all in a place to foster right now, we’re not all in a place to give financially, some us don’t have enough hours in the day the way it is, let alone time to commit to volunteering. We can’t all do everything, we can’t all do the same thing, but we can all do SOMETHING! 

What is one action you can take today, right here, right now, to care for these sweet, innocent, hurting children or to support the families that serve them? Not sure where to start? Here’s 24 ways:

  1. Participate in the #24forfostercare challenge.It’s as as simple as clicking here
  2. Bring a meal to a foster family
  3. Provide respite care or offer to babysit one evening
  4. Simply ask a foster parent, what’s one thing I can do this week to lighten your load?
  5. Offer transportation help 
  6. House work
  7. Schedule a fun date night for foster parents one evening and tell them you’ve got the kids covered!
  8. Help with events- birthday parties, other special events
  9. Don’t know any foster families? Ask your church how you can get involved and help with the foster families they are serving. Get plugged in!
  10. Donate to your local foster closets. Need a list? Ask us! 
  11. Take the first step to get licensed to become a foster parent
  12. Attend a NOMORE Orphans event to learn more and let us help you get connected. Want to get on our mailing list to learn about our upcoming evenings? Reach out to
  13. Become a guardian ad litem
  14. Become a mentor or tutor for a child in foster care
  15. Create a care package – necessities along with some fun stuff too!
  16. Stand in the gap in prayer for these children and the families that serve them
  17. Use your unique God given skills to serve. Are you a great photographer? Offer to take family photos! Some of these children have no photos of their childhood. A lawyer? Offer your services pro bono. 
  18. Pay for a foster child to attend camp
  19. Help teens apply to college and learn life skills
  20. Start a foster care ministry in your church
  21. Invite a group of friends to serve together for a weekend at a local group home
  22. Buy school supplies 
  23. Donate a laptop to a college bound foster youth
  24. Collect prom gowns for girls in foster care

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