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We The Pearls

Pain. We have a propensity to avoid it at all costs.  Most of us don’t even like to hear stories that involve the idea.  We tend to change the subject or look away, but regardless, the truth remains… there is pain in this world.

Human trafficking is an ugly truth that lurks in the deepest and darkest of places, and few venture there.  It is found on every continent and in every socio-economic corner of our society.  Those caught in its trap endure a pain that is unthinkable, and yet so many are still unaware.  Whether blind to its existence or numbed by false assumptions perpetuated by the media, many do not see the reality of what is going on.

We The Pearls was birthed from a desire to change that.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel Barker

The Mission of the Film

The purpose of this documentary is not to dwell on the pain nor the darkness, but to shine a light on those who have emerged from the depths with strength and beauty.  This is a story of REDEMPTION.

 Our desire is that this film will serve as a platform.  To connect people to the heart of God that breaks for those in bondage.  To give a face to this injustice that seems impossible for many to comprehend.  To educate and mobilize the church to action both locally and globally.  To declare NO MORE!

Our goal is to take this film to as many people as possible. Click below to help make that possible and in doing so mobilizing the church to action.

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