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The Experience

There is power in being close

The Experience

The greatest of memories we have are attached to the greatest of experiences, good or bad. If we think back over our lives there are specific memories that we hold onto based on the experience we had. That is why we can’t remember what we ate yesterday but also why we can remember learning to ride a bike or a vacation. Experiences have a way of defining us and even shaping how we live life. No More uses creative elements to make experiences that trigger memories and ultimately bring people close to the need in this world so that we, as followers of Christ, can respond. Through these experiences people see the truth, hear the Matthew 25 call to care for the least of these and are given opportunities to make a real impact in this world. Let NO MORE help shape an experience for your audience. Helping to change an audience form hearers to doers, we are ready to draw people close to the need and mobilize them to action.

Every number has a face....every face has a name.... and every name has a story.... and every story is God's opportunity for redemption

The NO MORE Orphans Experience

Our NO MORE Orphans Experience was created to draw people close to the heart of God and close to the heart of the orphan, with the goal of breaking people outside of the box that says to care for the orphan = adoption. We want to see people engage in caring for the orphan on all levels from mentoring, to advocating, to foster care, to adoption, or just simply supporting others who feel called. We are ALL called to care! To hear a testimony from one of our church partners, see the video link below. For more information about bringing the NO MORE Orphans Experience to your church, send and email to TAMI@FORNOMORE.ORG.

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