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The No More Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness in the body of Christ and calling people to action to meet the tangible needs we see in the world around us.  As an organization, our primary focus is to help people connect with what it means to live out the call of God in Matthew 25:35-40.  And to help them live that out in their everyday lives, by connecting them to individuals and organizations both local and international who are ‘caring for the least of these’.  We want to incite a revolution, a drastic and far reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving, as we stand together to make a difference in our world.  Our battle cry is simple… NO MORE!  No More Hunger and Thirst, No More Orphans, No More Slavery, No More Walking Alone… not on our watch! We are the body of Christ, the HOPE of the world, and if God so loved the world… so should we!

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