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Stories of everyday miracles from the journal of Peter Bucynsky

An amazing story from one day's journey

Church Comedor de la Kennedy
Feeds 200 every day
Pastor: Ivan Clemente


Wow. Wow. I keep saying Wow after this visit. Should have been 20 minute visit.”

This is a church that occupies a floor just below the police dept.  Amazing.  Feed 200/day AND they  drive with their own cars to pick up children from the neighborhood where the mothers don’t care at all where the kids are.  They cook and care for these kids (40-50 per day).

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Read Pastor Ivan's incredible story below

3 years ago Pastor Ivan felt strongly that he was supposed to start gathering food because destruction was coming (like Joseph had foretold). He lost the majority of his church members because they didn’t believe the message. But he kept storing rice, beans, etc in Mylar bags. This same church feeds over 200 people a day.
Pastor Ivan shared why he feeds so many. He told us about a woman in prison who tried to abort her own baby with a coat hanger. The cell mates convinced her not to do it and when she was released she had the baby. The baby had multiple problems … boils all over his skin, broken spleen, enlarged heart, intestines, kidneys not functioning, and more. A couple took the child and then went to the church. They presented the child to the minister and said “God if you can heal this child, he will serve you for all of its life”. The minister held the baby up prayed to God and when he brought the baby down there were no boils … no more issues … completely healed. Pastor Ivan was that baby!


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