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Bringing Power to Puerto Rico

“There is no limit to the heights we can reach if we take action by faith”

After all the tragic events that we witness all across our world, many people wonder how to help … who to help … the wisest way to help. The goal of NOMORE is to provide a way for each of us to contribute to the greater good with the assurance that our giving will go directly to meet the need in a tangible way. Right now there is one basic need for the entire island of Puerto Rico – POWER. Take a moment to scroll down and read about how one team was able to bring POWER and HOPE to communities hardest hit by the recent hurricane. The complete cost of a generator (plus handling) is $335.00. Your giving will go to purchasing as many generators as possible, the labor of installing them is assumed by our partners.


Together we can bring hope to Puerto Rico through the Body of Christ meeting ONE BASIC NEED that will touch the lives of thousands!

“Hope brings light into dark places"

The island of Puerto Rico was devastated due to hurricane Maria that struck the island Sept 20, 2017.  With nearly 50% of the residents without running water and over 85% without electricity, the people of Puerto Rico need our help.  It is estimated that repairs to the electrical infrastructure will continue beyond a year due to tremendous damage to power lines throughout the island.

We visited Puerto Rico between Oct. 10-17, shipping 12 generators, chainsaws, electrical cables, fuel canisters and other hardware with the goal of providing power to designated churches that are cooking and providing food for the surrounding communities.  Through the help of an amazing local pastor in Puerto Rico, Mayra Castillo, we were able to identify a handful of these “unknown soldiers” that tirelessly cook and feed the local community, providing anywhere between 300 and 800 meals a week.

Generator Recipient: Casa de Adoracion Llama de Fuego | Impact: 600 People Per Week | Pastor Maya Castillo

One Testimony of Many

Mayra’s church  received a generator, wired into her church power system, powering the kitchen for freezers and refrigeration, as well as allowing the sanctuary to have power for church services! “Fire Woman” Mayra Castillo and her family were the connection in Puerto Rico to introduce us to all of the churches and organizations that are cooking and feeding the community.  Her church Casa de Adoracion Llama de Fuego alone feeds approximately 600 people per week.

NOMORE is partnering with believers and followers of Christ both here in the United States and in Puerto Rico to deliver and install generators to churches and ministries on the island.

At this moment the greatest needs are power, clean water, and food.  1 generator can provide power to enable a church to help feed up to 600 people a week. Imagine if 10 churches had a generator making it possible for up to 6,000 to find help OR imagine even bigger, 100 churches with a generator = up to 60,000 people experiencing the unconditional love of God through their ‘daily bread’ needs being provided.


Team: Peter Bucynsky | Trevor Charlton | Michael Harrison

“Unlimited Possibilities = Hope”

Over the next 2 weeks, NOMORE will be posting stories of how our initial visit delivering 12 generators has already made an impact on lives in Puerto Rico.

Will you commit to read and share our blog, pray for the resources to be given and trust that the Body of Christ will show His glory to the Puerto Rican people? Together we declare NOMORE Hopeless!

“to whom God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Collosians 1:27

Bring More Power to Puerto Rico.

$335 provides power to feed up to 600 people per week