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Value of Ordinary People. by James Cowart

We were brothers in Christ long before our parents married and made us brothers in the same family. I have a long list of reasons of why I have respect for this man and below you will get to read just one of them. He puts into words what is difficult to communicate and honestly reminds us that we are all “ordinary” people with a unique ability to be extraordinary to someone else. We need more ordinary people. Welcome my brother, Jim as a guest blogger. Enjoy this inspiring read!


The Whole World is Different...



As a young man, I had ambitious notions of the kind of “extraordinary” life I would lead. I’ve always had the audacity (or presumption, it’s a fine line) to see the accomplishments of big figures of history as attainable. I still do. However, I’ve spent a great deal of time since those early days separating what I really *want* and *believe* is worth pursuing from what our culture says those things should be. Words like “ordinary”, when used to describe our lives, roll off the tongue with a culture-infused bitterness.
That’s why I love this quote from Doctor Who: “Rose, there’s a man alive in the world who wasn’t alive before. An ordinary man – that’s the most important thing in creation! The whole world’s different because he’s alive!”

Our culture's confusion of "extraordinary" with "popular" robs our lives of that which has real weight and importance

Because You Are Alive

I may be an ordinary man. But to my wife, my three sons, my family, my friends, I am anything but. How many of the looming historical figures – both good and bad – had “ordinary” parents, came from “ordinary” backgrounds, attended “ordinary” schools”? Our culture’s confusion of “extraordinary” with “popular” robs our lives of that which has real weight and importance. I see the impact it had in my oldest son’s eyes today, after he was helping with my youngest, when I told him “I wish I’d had a big brother like you”. An ordinary moment, I might have even missed his reaction (an involuntary childish smile – the kind that can only come from not having lived too long as a cynical adult that you can hide spontaneous joy), had I not looked up at the right moment. Love isn’t ordinary. Hate isn’t either. Words, when they leave our mouths, aren’t ordinary – “the power of life and death, in the tongue”. Time isn’t ordinary either. The time you give to those, especially your children – it’s a currency too valuable to exchange for any equivalent (another area our culture wants us to pick between straw men…quality vs quantity…are they mutually exclusive? Don’t think so).
The whole word is different because you are alive.

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