Educating, mobilizing and empowering individuals to declare NO MORE and stand for the least of these locally and globally.

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The Power of Proximity

This is truth: We cannot affect that which we don’t understand. We cannot change that which remains distant. The Power of Proximity is found when we come close to God and allow Him to break our hearts for what breaks His... the hungry, the thirsty, the orphan, the slave, the lost, the broken, the hopeless... and from that place of brokenness we cry out NO MORE! Not on our watch will another generation pass us by. We will not be silent!

Love makes you do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Love also makes you into someone you wouldn’t otherwise be.

IF just one family from every church in America could take in a child, THEN we would empty the Foster care system


27,000,000 people on the globe enslaved. IF we could eliminate the demand, THEN we would eradicate the supply

27 M

1.4 Billion people live in extreme poverty. IF we could engage the church and mobilize them, THEN we could see global poverty come to an end

1.4 B

“IF you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, THEN you light will rise in the darkness.”

Isa 58:10


Join us in the NO MORE adventure to make history.